As thriving photographers based in the Midlands we have decided to put together a list. A list of our most frequently asked and funny questions and provide the answers here for you- in no particular order!


This place is cool- what do you do?

We are Photographers based in the Midlands! We are commercial photographers and we work with businesses photographing anything from fashion to product, food, promotional material, corporate work etc. Phlash Worx also hires out our studio space for you to use for your own photography needs. In addition to this we also teach! We teach 1-2-1 courses on Photoshop and Photography plus we run courses such as our DSLR Course and our Intro to Studio Lighting Course. If you would like more information click this link

Photography By Phlash Worx

Photography By Phlash Worx

What are photography studio hire rates?

This totally depends on the time you are hiring, what you are doing during the hire, whether you require catering and the size of the team you are bringing to the studio. Once we have all the information from you we can then quote you a rate.

Can I bring my horse to your photography studio?

If you mean to hire the studio to photograph your horse then technically yes- we have roller shutter doors, no steps and an extremely large curve that can accommodate your large model however it depends on you and your horse to whether the horse will be ok in a studio environment!

Photography Studio - Phlash Worx

Our main shooting space here at Phlash Worx

Are you wedding photographers?

We currently do not offer wedding photography. However we can point you in the direction of some fantastic wedding photographers.

Do you do bump to baby, new born or family shoots?

At this point in time we do not offer these types of photography. If you have a photographer who is looking for a studio space to hire you are more than welcome to hire Phlash Worx for these types of shoots.

Do you have a working oven in your studio?

Believe it or not- we do yes! We often shoot food here so we require this to cook food for photography. You can also order in any food you wish or we provide catering services if you require.

Photographers based in the Midlands

Behind the scenes

Are you planning on fitting a climbing wall at the studio?

We have been asked this question more times than you would believe! The owners of Phlash Worx do rock climb however they have expressed that they would like to keep climbing to the walls at the professional climbing centres! Of course as a set build for photography- not a problem!

Can you provide me with a photography assistant?

We can provide you an assistant to assist you on your shoot. Our assistants are experienced with the studio lighting and can change modifiers, meter lights, move lighting, flag lighting etc. However please note that they will need your photographer’s guidance, as our assistants are not photography tutors.

Photographers based in the Midlands

Light metering

What are your photography rates?

Much like our hire rates this is completely dependant on the work you require to be carried out. What you need photographing, how much you need photographing, how much time you will need in the studio, is it studio work or location – or both, do you need hair and makeup, will you need a stylist, do you need post production work, will you need printing work, if needed are you providing the model, how many people will be on your shoots, do you need sets building…. the possibilities are endless but to quote we need a detailed brief from you.

Are the owners of Phlash Worx a couple?

Clients always ask as they are not sure and yes Trevor and Stephanie are a couple!

 Can we hire a style team from you?

Whether you are hiring only the studio or using all our services here at Phlash Worx we can provide a full style team and include the costs in our price that we quote you.

Photographers based in the Midlands

Behind the Scenes

My product is nearly 10ft high- can you accommodate this?

We actually can- quite easily! Our curve goes right to our ceiling and our ceiling is extremely high! This client did come and shoot at Phlash Worx and their extremely large product was easily shot with room to spare!

Can we paint black on your wall?

We are so flexible here at Phlash Worx! You can paint any colour you like on our wall however you will need to pay to repaint the wall and cover the studio time that the wall is not in use due to drying time etc.

Do you have a smoke machine

We actually do yes! We also have a wind machine!