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We here at Phlash Worx (photographers Warwick) – recently decided to undertake a brand new challenge with the wonderful hairstylist Theo Georgio and his talented team….. shooting hair underwater.

Phlash Worx are a well known commercial photography company in Warwick and Trevor Davies (photographer) is extremely experienced in hair photography. Photographing hair underwater however is definitely not something he had done before. When Theo Georgio approached us with the concept of the shoot Trevor’s response was – challenge accepted.

The build up to the shoot was quite a long process. Firstly we had to find a location that would allow us to come in with a large team and be happy for Trevor to shoot hair/fashion in their pool! We did however find a great local Scuba Centre – AquaSport International in Solihull. Once we had visited the Scuba Centre and Trevor was happy then we were good to go.

Then we just had to find four great models to also take on this challenge. It was quite a tall ask really…… get underwater, pose underwater and make it look effortless! We found a new modelling agency called Unite Model Management. Four models were chosen for this shoot- only one had underwater experience however they all absolutely smashed it!

So we had location, models, hair team, photographer, makeup artist, (Stephanie our in-house makeup artist) clothing and three photography assistants.


Shoot Day finally arrived! On the morning of the shoot we were shown around the scuba centre by Vin- he was extremely helpful. Then it was straight down to business. The hair stylists and make up artist got straight to work. Trevor Davies and his three photography assistants got to work putting a black backdrop into the pool which at 3.2 metres deep took some discussion. They used backdrop stand poles- clipped the black fabric to them put them in the water and then ensured they were correctly in place. For this shoot Trevor used two Bowens GenerationX XMT 500 lights which were fantastic. For the camera he used an underwater housing system by Ewa-Marine.

Once the first model was ready it was time to shoot – the first shoot went extremely well and from there on it was great fun and actually went really smoothly with no hitches. Trevor shot around 6-8 looks, all underwater in less than 4 hours.

The day was fantastic and everyone involved did exceptionally well. Trevor was exceptionally happy with the images he shot on the day and we can’t wait to share them with you all.

Trevor will shortly be releasing a blog to Bowens showing a final image from the shoot plus information on exactly how he used the lighting plus further details about the equipment used.

For now we hope you enjoy the behind the scenes images.

Thank you to everyone involved in the shoot

Photographer – Trevor Davies @Phlash Worx

Models – Georgie Riot, Jess W, Jess F, Shannon W @Unite Model Management

Hair Stylists – Theo Georgio and Team @Theo Georgio

Makeup Artist – Stephanie Branch @Phlash Worx

Stylist- Theo Georgio

Photography Assistants – Kevin Murphy, Barry Pickering and Ruth Davies

Location- Aqua Sport Internation in Solihull